Allow yourself an exciting journey into the land of smell and color, and you will get the peace and relaxation you need for your mind and body. Using the fragrance notes of essential oils, your body is getting silky lightness and the mind can reach the places you want the most, it will move into the state of maximum relaxation.

They are full body massage as well as individual parties using traditional massage techniques, enriched with elements of reflexology. These massages alleviate stress and related problems like headaches, back pain, concentration disorders, body tension due to general fatigue. Massages cause very loosening and reduction of soreness of tight muscles as well as improvement of mobility and elasticity of joints. They relieve headaches and pain located in the back. They improve the elasticity of tissues, relaxes.

Designed for people who live a sedentary lifestyle, living in long-term stress and tension.

We specialize in the following massage:

  • Full body lymphatic drainage
  • Healing back massage (rehabilitation)
  • Classic
  • Relaxing (holistic)