Lux 1540 Fractional device allows a reduction of acne scars, burn scars, postoperative (including caesarean section scars). The first treatment can be performed on stitches. Surgical scars and acne may be the cause of emotional and physical discomfort, reducing the quality of life. In some cases, scarring may even restrict the mobility of the individual. Procedures for removing scars are usually painful, invasive and carry the risk of complications. Laser technology to remove scars from Palomar ® is a non-invasive solution, using fractional laser, which enables fast and efficient removal of scar tissue with less risk, less pain and a minimum period of return to full functionality. Treatments to remove acne scars and surgical Palomar's technology is based on fractional laser. Laser pulses cause the coagulation of scar tissue and stimulate the creation of new, healthy tissue. Skin healing period is short, the risk of infection eliminated, and the pain is little or no at all. Laser technology to remove scars from Palomar can be used on all skin types, which together with stunning results make it the preferred method of removing scars.

How does laser scar removal work

Laser treatments to remove acne scars and surgical involves the use of fractional laser light to create microcolumn coagulated tissue, reaching deep into the skin without epidermal ablation. This triggers a natural reaction in the form of healing tissue, after which the scar tissue is replaced by new, healthy tissue. This improves the appearance of scar tissue. Advanced Contact Cooling technology protects the skin, increasing comfort and safety of the treatment.

Palomar equipment for laser treatments to remove scars:
StarLux® Systems

Applicator designed to perform the procedure:

Customer benefits

  • A short period before returning to full functionality or lack thereof
  • Minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Excellent aesthetic results

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