Sapphire solution in the fight against time. The aging process of our body leaves clear traces. Seeing this, we lose confidence. In our minds there is the thought of plastic surgery. We should then consider the alternative.

With age, we decrease drastically the amount of collagen in the skin. Lines and wrinkles appear, the skin begins to sag, lose elasticity and becomes more susceptible due to gravity. However, this process can be stopped. Wrinkles and imperfections can be removed by treatment performed by Zaffiro. The device emits infrared radiation with specially selected IR wavelengths (750-1800 nm) causes a uniform and gradual warming of deep layers of the dermis (65 ° C) with a permanent, protective surface cooling. Thermal effect, occurring in the lower layers of the skin, causing heat and irritation of collagen fibers, resulting in a sharp contraction to the original length. As a result, the skin is thickened and recovered, increasing its tension and elasticity, also changing its structure, wrinkles are smoothed, as is already evident after a few moments of starting the treatment.

The second, long-term effect, is to stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers. Is increased by about 30 percent of the production of collagen, which gives effect to improve skin density and facelift. The process of formation of collagen is gradual, so the end result of skin rejuvenation is obtained 3-6 months after the treatment.

The first phase of treatment begins with chilling the skin and preparing it for the IR radiation and protecting it from UV light. Then, it is heated by using a special infrared-emitting tool. We cool the treated area in accordance with the principle of cold-warm-cold. The second phase of treatment includes soothing and relaxing with local cooling to 0-20 ° C. Extremely important is the treatments ending, the effects of a facelift. The treatment is painless and the patient does not feel any discomfort. The skin looks natural after the treatment. Only in a few cases is there minimal redness, which disappears after a few hours. The procedure can be performed for all skin phototypes, also tanned skins, and those with vascular problems.
Zaffiro improves the shape of the face, raises drooping cheeks. Eliminates labio-nasal furrows, smooths wrinkles. It improves the shape of the face and raises drooping cheeks. It shrinks the skin on the abdomen in women after childbirth. Eliminates sagging skin on the inside of the arms, thighs and shapes of the area above the knees. Improves skin neck and has a positive effect on the appearance of sagging breasts with age. An additional benefit to the patient this treatment is priority and the professional assessment of the skin and comprehensive selection is done quickly. One prophylactic treatment is recommended for people 25-35 years old. A series of 4-5 treatments is designed for people over 35 years of age.
Contraindication to perform this treatment is pregnancy and lactation, open wounds, tumors, previous surgery gold thread and a period of two weeks from the use of fillers.


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